Social Media Fast

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This year we have decided to go on a social media fast during the Lent season. We can't go on a traditional food fast due to health reasons; therefore, we thought what other indulgence of life if taken away would have a similar effect as starving. So, it turns out to be complete abstinence from social media. Yes, social media has become that important in our lives. So, we have

decided to uninstall all the unlimited scrolling apps. However, we will still keep direct messaging apps to communicate with individuals directly. The idea of keeping this fast is to reclaim precious time that we mindlessly spend scrolling through our phones and spend it either in devotion or more meaningful activities.

We invite everyone (Christians or not) to join us in this exercise who thinks they can benefit spiritually or improve their mental health/well-being.

Apps that we have decided to get rid of starting from Wednesday, March 2, 2022, through Thursday, April 14, 2022, are:

1. Facebook

2. Instagram

3. Tiktok

4. Snapchat

5. Twitter

6. Reddit

7. Quora

8. LinkedIn

In return, we hope to spend the time we reclaim in prayer and devotion, reading more physical books, talking to people on the phone, exercising, and weather permitting, being more outdoors with kids. Yes, it looks like a long list of things, but if we ever check the amount of time we spend on our phones every day, it's easily a couple of hours.