Day 10 of #100DaysToOffLoad

So, I have managed to write ten blog posts for my 100DaysToOffLoad challenge. It's been fun so far, especially since I use my Gemini capsule for the challenge. It is also quite therapeutic because I can just dump whatever is going on in my mind. In the past, I have tried to write regularly on many occasions, but it never went too far. Even now, I have started feeling a sense of writer's block, and sometimes I struggle with ideas or find time to write at all. However, now that I am part of a challenge, I am pushing myself to complete it.

I primarily write on my Gemini capsule; however, if I feel like the writeup is of quality and may appeal to a general audience I post them on my medium blog. I have also started a newsletter (https://tinyletter.com/rohitfarmer) where I aim to post my non-technical writings published on various platforms. One of the advantages of starting a newsletter is that Gemini doesn't have an easy way to follow, so cross-posting my articles on my newsletter will help my readers get the content right in their inbox. And they also don't have to follow me everywhere I write.

So far, I am determined to continue writing and successfully finish the challenge. However, I can use some motivation through comments and critics. Unfortunately, I do not have a good sense if anyone is reading articles, let alone liking them.

Day 10 of #100DaysToOffLoad

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