It Is Often Easier To Cry Than To Act

Many people find it easier to cry (literally with tears) about everything in their lives than to try to do something about their issues. Crying is a human emotion, and we cry in both happy and troubling moments. However, some people cry more than usual, not because they are more emotional than others, but because it is easier than dealing with the situation. When you choose to cry about everything, you essentially do not want to take the responsibility of handling the problem, but either put it off to the future or blame someone else responsible.

I am bad at dealing with crying adults, especially those who only choose to cry and do nothing about their situation. In my opinion, it doesn't help in any way; it neither takes away the problem nor prevents it from returning. I also do not get how many occasions I need to be there for them. After a while, it feels like your effort to console them is futile because they will still be crying about the same issue the next day without making an effort to do anything about it. I think I am more of a problem-solving person, and therefore, there are only so many times I can listen to a problem without doing anything about it. Consequently, it does not matter if our effort to take care of the situation fails as long as we make a sincere effort.

Day 11 of #100DaysToOffLoad

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