Planning Our First Camping Trip

This week I have been planning the first camping trip of our lives. Neither my wife nor I have ever been camping before. Since this is our first camping experience with the kids, we have decided to be gentle to ourselves, and therefore we booked a tent/RV site that we can drive up to. The site also has a bathroom complex around hundred yards away. It is also an electric site, I guess that is for RVs, but we can also use it to power/charge our electronics. We will stay for two nights on the weekend in June. One of our friends is also joining us along with his son. So, we will be three adults, two four-year-old kids, and one one-year-old baby. I will write about the specifics of the site and our experience upon our return.

So far, in the planning, below are the things that we already have or are to buy/arrange. Since it's our first camping and we do not know how frequently we will do it in the future, we keep the expenses low by borrowing or buying used gear. Please let me know if I should add or remove something from this list. It may also evolve in the coming days.

Camping Checklist

Medical Kit


Cooking & Fire

Baby Specific Stuff

Bags, Tools & Gear

Day 7 of #100DaysToOffLoad

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