How Do You Forgive Someone?

How do people forgive someone who has not asked for their forgiveness? I have heard that forgiveness is a choice, but what if it's not a choice. What if there is nothing else you can do then forgive. I mean, what if the person who has wronged you is so out of reach that you can't make them realize that they wronged you or avenge for yourself (not advised). What if forgiving is more like accepting the defeat than letting go from your heart?

I have been trying to forgive someone for a long time, and I often thought that I had forgiven them and that I could move on in peace. However, it comes back haunting me over and over again. I also tried to accept that I got defeated, and now I just have to learn my lesson and move on with my life. But even that doesn't help.

Sometimes I expect them to accept that they wronged me with very specific words even if they don't apologize to me. I know this expectation is probably unrealistic. It may never happen, or maybe they have already accepted that in their heart and communicated to me in their previous communication in different words. However, I did not feel that it was a sincere acceptance and apology.

I don't know if I deserve it or not, but it's been ten years since I have been in this hell loop of not being able to forgive and let go. I wish something could change.

Day 8 of #100DaysToOffLoad

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